Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged 2.0 steel

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JPX-EZ Forged 2.0 steel
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Injected with Boron, the JPX EZ takes Mizuno Grain Flow Forged irons a leap forward in distance and forgiveness. Enjoy the #nothingfeelslikamizuno moments without being heavily penalized for the odd miss-hit. Ideal for mid/high handicaps or professionals who don’t like to practice.

New Boron Infused Steel.

A high strength Boron Infused steel allows the use of a wider CNC pocket cavity (3-7 iron) to increase the rebound area for increased ball speed and stability from off centre strikes.

Give yards to no one

All that Mizuno Forged feel without loss of distance. The combination of a CNC Pocket and multi thickness face (possible through Boron) make the JPX EZ the hottest forged iron Mizuno has ever produced.

Forgings can be forgiving.

Our CNC pocket cavity, combined with extreme perimeter weighting means that the JPX EZ Forged is as forgiving as you would ever need an iron to be.

Ultimate feel, Forged in Hiroshima Japan

At Mizuno’s exclusive plant – manufacturer of Grain Forged heads for Mizuno for over 30 years. Grain Flow Forged from a single billet of 1025 Boron steel. #nothingfeelslikeamizuno

Glide through the turf.

A softly beveled leading edge and hard cut trailing edge allows the EZ Forged to enter and exit the turf with minimum interference.

Precise scoring irons.

Although the JPX EZ Forged is more forgiving where needed (through the long and mid irons), the 8-PW are a solid one piece design and more compact than their predecessors.



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