Mizuno JPX-EZ 2.0 Driver

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JPX-EZ 2.0 Driver
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The JPX EZ is a large footprint, high launching, low spinning driver that is also adjustable – and was introduced on tour by Luke Donald at the 2015 BMW Championships at Wentworth GC.

Previous moveable weight drivers have generally been difficult to hit (due to weight used for additional tracks and weight ports). The JPX EZ changes everything with a simple 3 weight system and forgiveness levels normal of non-adjustable models.

3 Simple Weight Ports

Using a ten gram weight in one of three weight ports the JPX EZ offers changes you can instantly notice without the ‘in-between’ settings.

Neutral Setting

Set weight in the Back location labelled “Neutral” to promote an unbiased ball fight.

Fade Setting

Set weight in the Toe location labelled “FADE” to promote a left to right trajectory. (right hand golfer)

Draw Setting

Set weight in the Heel location labelled “DRAW” to promote a right to left trajectory. (right hand golfer)

Adjustability with ‘non-adjustable’ levels of forgiveness.

Reduced framework for weights and tracks keeps weight low and deep in the head for massive MOI (resistance to twisting) and a high easy ball flight.

Large footprint for confidence.

A larger clubface and extended tapered profile looks very hittable and most likely to promote a stress free swing.

Rounded Crown for higher balls speeds.

Rounding off the crown area, eliminates the stiffer area higher in the clubface, allowing it to flex more freely for greater balls speeds from off centre hits.

Quick Switch adjustable hosel.

4 degree e-loft range and upright settings to optimize launch characteristics.




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